Blessings in disguise and the Bowe Bergdahl trial

Today, I woke up after working a long night.  In fact, Kimi and I had to work on our 13th Anniversary, how romantic of me.  (Sorry Kimi) I got out of bed slowly at about 2pm, my whole body hurts.  I sit down to some coffee, and begin to write […]

Bowe Bergdahl

Happiness Behind the Zion Curtain

This blog may seem depressing, talking about past pains, and battles.  About the down sides to living “Behind the Zion Curtain”.  But in the end there has been a happy story, and many wonderful things to report.   As per my updated biography, I did find love, and a rewarding […]

Must Explore and Experiment

Lying for the Lord

In one of my recent posts, I was dealing with personal issues, that quite honestly fit into the theme of this blog perfectly, but I still feel uncomfortable posting about these things. Growing up LDS exposed me to many uniquely Mormon things that most of the world is unaware of. […]

Gay rights according to Reverend Ryan

In the ongoing saga of “rights”, “special rights”, and now “gay rights”. I have never had a neutral position on this issue.  Or the issue of any “special rights”.  From the time I was 15 years old, I have expressed my opinion.   Some folks find it to be dangerous territory, […]

Establishment Clause