Behind Zion Curtain

Behind Zion Curtain

We will not be responding or maintaining this website

Our archives are at: ARCHIVE.ORG ref;*/

Most all of our archives can be found at that page. I also have my biography (of Ryan Richard Thompson) listed at;

This Ragged Life Renewed ref;

We also have archives at youtube;

This site has been up off and on since 1999. It is emotionally draining to me, which is why I took this down in the past. But now I have more actual productive causes than ever.

The only thing I wish to leave with people Behind the Zion Curtain, is to please use medication for your mental health concerns as a very last resort. If your doctor recommends it, get a second opinion is my advice. Kids are dying right and left in Utah due to adverse reactions of un-necessary prescription medication. Mental health is a major problem in Utah, and people need to pay more attention to these problems with our family and friends. Be gentle, less judging, and please listen. Our kids need someone to just listen.

More information about "This Ragged Life Renewed" my biography from 1999. (unfinished)

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