Long story, short.    This site grew very large.  It was not an income producing website, as all along we have declined donations, and we have not solicited any sort of product or service for sale.

This site has always remained true to it’s purpose, rather than becoming commercialized.

Now, we have other projects and concerns.  So we no longer maintain this website.

To see the archives of this site, go to

This site was created in 1999.   But the first archived page that I can find is for 2002.   However this is how we started out, our home page looked like this for years.

Today is November 16th 2014, so that last link is from 12 years ago today.

By 2006 there was a very active forum, and a lot of content contributions.  You can see hundreds of these articles here;

By about 2012, I was very busy with 3 children and several independent sole proprietorships, plus a full time job.
Time spent on this website by then, was next to nothing.
But this is about where it peaked.

There is over a decade of journals, personal testimony, and debates.  Enjoy!

You can also see more @

Thanks for spending time here.

~Ryan Thompson   (aka Reverend Ryan)

This is what I have been working on as of late (over 6000 members);

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