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Munchausen Syndrom by proxy

This is a short film by VICE about Munchausen by Proxy, which is a real but bizarre mental condition that typically involves a mother and a child.
There are many symptoms, but as I understand it, there is a need that a mother has and she uses the child or children sometimes even without realizing it, to get her needs filled in very bizarre and sometimes deadly methods.

Some women enjoy the attention that they get from their child being sick or injured.  You know the whole go to church or work and having people ask them “how is Bradford doing today?  Is he still ill”?   and then the whole “oh you poor thing, I am so sorry for what you are going through” thing.

Then others like in the short movie below, is when a mother is very attached to her children, and when there is a form of separation, for instance how the child in this video is going off to college, the mother will take steps to induce some sort of sickness, to keep the child near and in her care.

I don’t fully understand it.  However if you look at the archives on my site here via  www.archive.org  you can see articles that I have written about this relating to family members that I have known that have gone through this.  My mother had invented a lot of mental conditions for myself and my siblings.  I believe all four of us spent time in an in-patient rehab facility for conditions that we didn’t have, and from very young ages, my mother had put us all on psycotropic drugs.  I lost my 16 year old brother 14 years ago to an OD on these anti-depressant medications that my mom had all of us prescribed at some point in our lives.  It amazed me that she took a risk on getting my brother on pills, because just a few short years before my brother overdosed, I had a really close call with overdosing on the same types of medications at her home.  It was devastating to lose my brother, because he was my best friend.

Look for signs of this, if you find people in your life acting suspicious, or inventing many new ways how their kids are hurt, or ill.  It could lead to dangerous consequences.
Utah in general is way over-prescribing children medication as it is.

There are other videos on youtube that are worth watching on this topic; Popular Videos – Munchausen syndrome by proxy

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