Lying for the Lord

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I will begin describing the unspoken LDS Church policy that is very common among members, especially leaders which is notoriously called


Another topic of concern and deep reflection is the very high suicide rate in Utah.

I buried by youngest brother, and many friends to an untimely death via suicide.

This is my dedication to my brother Justin Jared Thompson

Justin Jared Thompson

Justin Jared Thompson

Justin Jared Thompson

Justin Jared Thompson

One last message to my family.  If you have heard lies and rumors about how I was some “racist”, and want to know more why my family continues to live in my past from 25 years ago. Read this;
I am compelled to clear this bullshit up.  My family seems to like to practice the age-old LDS tradition of “lying for the Lord”.   My email is:

I am proud to be an ANTI-RACIST skinhead.  I have been for over 21 years now.  I started the S.P.E.A.R  (Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism) movement 21 years ago.

So this is a very passionate and proud thing for me, and I will defend it.    Did I hang out with racists people 25 years ago?  Well yes, two guys, who were friends of the family.   But aside from those two guys, I’ve never had a racist friend since.  My wife and kids are Native American.   It really pisses me off when people want to paint me out to be a racist


Some good memories from that email conversation below (trying to focus on the good, and leave the bad behind);

I will keep up with family history and such at my ancestry blog,   as well as on
My username at is    “techpronow“, and there is a bunch of information there.
Oh and as far as forgiving and forgetting.
Even after all of the BS my mom and dad pulled.  Not just on me, but on my half-siblings as well (im not the only one they pull their shit on).
I did forgive them, and I spent a lot of time with my dad and with my mom before my dad died.
Dad before he found out he had cancer, us hanging out with him in Utah;
Hanging out with dad in the hospital when he found out he had cancer;
Hanging out with my mom at our mansion in Seattle in 2008;
Hanging out with my mom and my sister in 2008 at our mansion rental in Seattle (could be on America’s Funniest Home Videos);
Hanging out with dad right before he knew he had cancer at his house:

And Im not at all ashamed from capturing memories from the past, as my family thinks I should be.
Like this one.  This is so precious.   You can see my grandma hanging out with our new baby Iriel (2011) in this video.  Just good stuff.   Skip to minute 3:47 to see the grandma part.

And this is a group that I dedicated to fighting cancer, over 6000 members.