Life after my car accident

Car Accident Ryan Thompson

Reprinted with permission from Clovis Star / Ryan Thompson

In May of 2013, I was hit head on by a drunk driver, that was driving against traffic on I-5 southbound.   I was on my way home from Seattle where the company that I was working for was located to Northern California where I lived at the time.   I had been released from work early, due to our training session being cancelled.  At the time I was working for Talyst Inc, and I had been with the company for more than 5 years at the time.   I was working brutal hours, and during this trip I was on the road, which was a rare occasion for me.  I only traveled into work once a year, and the rest of the time I work at home supporting over 700 medical facilities, in their pharmacy department, repairing their automated pharmacy equipment.   I had made several videos / video-blogs leading up to this, and in one of my video just about a month prior to the date, I had spoke about the risk people take to earn a living, and I mention how it was entirely possible for me to get into a terrible accident, and potentially get hurt very badly attempting to support my family.   I had responded to a neighbor’s plea for universal health coverage, and when she asked me “what do people do that don’t have insurance”, and I responded with the video-blog and I was basically saying “everyone takes risks”, if people would rather buy a new xbox game as opposed to buying health insurance, or if possibly they just don’t want to work, or can’t.  I likened it to me, who takes risks by earning a good income to support my family.   “There is no guarantee that I won’t get in a horrible car accident and die, but then again, I don’t HAVE to work and take the risk either, but I do, because that is how people survive“.

So after the accident, I was still making phone calls while in the emergency room being put back together.  I had over 40 fractures, both legs, feet, all of my toes. and my shoulder were broken.  But I was still at work, so the doctors gave me my laptop and cell phone so that I could touch base with clients while in the ER.   They told me that while I was on the scene that I had the paramedics and other first respondents cracking up, because I was trying to relieve their stress.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the other guy died at the time of impact.  But as to not aggrevate me while I was in shock, they told me “he is going to be ok, we are just worried about you” when I asked them to focus on him, because “I was alright”.
I had a collapsed lung, and a lot of damage, but I knew I was going to be ok.  But in the ER when I found out that he had died, I sort of went into a tail-spin emotionally.  It was tragic to learn that he died.  I later learned he was a combat vet with three kids, which wrecked me.

I had been training for the Tough Mudder event, in order to draw attention to the disregard that our government has for injured combat vets who return from war, just to get neglected by our government in their time of need.  I was pissed that our government could send them off to war, but not take care of them when they got home.

So just to document this, because I think it is a valuable part of my history, and a large life lesson that other people may be able to glean from, this is my experience over the past 2.5 years in recovery.   I want to also note, that instead of begging the government for handouts, I sold my possessions instead of taking food stamps, or other benefits.   I was fully entitled to these benefits that I have been paying into my whole life.  But I choose the higher ground to deal with this myself.  I am sort of back to work.  We just moved into a new amazing house, big enough for our whole family, with an individual bedroom for each of our children, two kitchens, two living rooms, and plenty of room to spread out.

Life after my life changing automobile accident

Starting with my video about wounded warriors and the Tough Mudder, and then on to the video that I basically described my own future demise in that car accident about a month before the accident took place.  Then I will take you through the hospital experience, and then on to getting back to living my life again.
Tough Mudder Video

Prediction of the accident video (starting at minute 4:48, I basically describe what would eventually happen in exactly one month from the time of this video)

This is on the day of the accident, before I left Seattle to go to California (home at the time)

April 19th talking about our fourth baby and all of our blessings

April 20th 2013, before the accident – Talking about the Tough Mudder event

In the hospital videos

Right after the accident, talking about “why I make these video blogs, as a memoir to my kids” incase I ever die an early death, among other reasons

Going in for surgery day 1

Surgery day 2

Surgery updates

Day 7 in the hospital, more surgery updates

With family who came to visit from Utah

Blog your experience

Blog your experience

Out of the hospital – On my way to bring my grandmother to a rest home.   I couldn’t really recover very well, because my cousin begged me to go with them, to bring my grandma to Utah to go to a rest home.  My grandma didn’t want to leave without me.  So instead of staying in the hospital for four months of inpatient rehab, as the doctor prescribed, I left with my grandma and cousin to take her to Utah, since I was no longer able to care for her;

Here is the video that I made praising “My angels“.

This was mother’s day, with my grandma and my wife, the two best mother’s I have ever known.  We were on the road, the day after getting out of the hospital.

Throughout all of that, I was very positive.  I was more worried about the other guy and his family, and the whereabouts of my grandmother, than I was worried about myself.
But the negativity started to creep in, when my cousin started writing me, and bringing up my past FROM TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO.  It was very annoying and brought me way down.  I was perplexed, as this was the same cousin who came from Utah to Oregon when I was in the hospital.  But I do recall telling her not to come, because it was getting negative even before she came to the hospital.   Anyway this is how this continued.

Falling out with the family who came to visit from Utah

This wasn’t a new fight.  But when the family that I had been fighting with for 20+ years came to the hospital that I was in, after I had specifically asked them not to, it created a big drama in a time of my life, that I needed much less of the drama.  Which is why I told them to stay away.

How do I stop my grandma from going to a resthome?

Trying to recover and dealing with family drama

Trying to figure out how to take care of grams

God I give this to you, im not strong enough

Grandma wanted to stop by

I am making a stand against racism
his video was made as a result of my cousin making a huge stink of when I was a “skinhead”  (an 80lbs 13 year old, that hung out with 2 family members who considered themselves “skinheads”), and when I pointed out that I was THIRTEEN years old, on my own pretty much, hadn’t lived with my folks for awhile, and I made some bad choices.  God only knows why she felt the need to force that issue on me from 25 years ago, but in the end, she accused me of having a swastika tattoo.  I challenged her to prove it.  Since I lived with her back then, and the cousin who was also dating a skinhead type lived with her around that time..  I figured maybe she could produce some sort of photograph, or some sort of legitimate proof of this shit.  But she never could, just saying “you got your tattoos removed”.   Duh, I was f’ing 13-15 years old when I was getting those shitty chicken scratch tattoos.  I got them removed, not because they were swastikas, but because they were terrible and made me look trashy.     I posted my challenge here.  Certainly SOMEONE out there has some kind of a photo or REAL evidence of this, other than hearsay?   Ref;

Its un-believable.  Im going through the worst trial in my life, and 15 days after my near death experience, this is the most important thing for them to chat about, is who I was 25 years ago, as an 80 lbs, 13 year old child, who was trying to brave the world on my own, and made some mistakes along the way.  But THAT is the most important and pending issue to talk about????   Shit, how about they write a story, and talk about their criminal history?  Fess up to all of the deceitfulness and thefts and shit.  Don’t tell me that I am more accountable at age 13 than you are???   I wrote my biography.  It’s not that hard to do.

Dwelling on the past. Fighting for my grams.

Grandma chooses to be with us in Maine

After the hospital

Should I be ashamed of buying a nice car?

Can money buy happiness? It CAN buy safety!

Denied the ability to serve this country

No inheritance for me, thanks  (talking about the potential of getting an insurance settlement.  I knew that I wouldn’t get much, because the other driver wasn’t insured.  But this is one of the conversations with my in-laws where they spoke about giving my wife and I their house.  We refused an inheritance from my family, and we refused an inheritance from my wife’s family.  BECAUSE WE PREFER TO STAND ON OUR OWN TWO FEET)

5 weeks after the accident

Replacing narcotic painkillers with cannabis

Recovering in Maine

This was a video that I made about doing the “Tough Mudder” which includes videos before my accident, talking about the kind of people who need help, like the guy who ended up hitting me.  He was a veteran that was discharged for medical reasons, probably due to the horrors of combat.   But I had a heart for these sort of people.  So when the lawyers were asking me to “sue the family of the man who hit me, to get his life insurance, since the wife was negligible for letting this guy use her car to drive without a license and without insurance, she was negligible and responsible in part.  But I refused to sue their family, because I couldn’t imagine trying to go after a widow and her kids)

Sensi Life Living With PTSD

Reverend Ryan Review On Life

Recovery status Ryan Thompson

Still healing and taking it easy

Bones Healing, orthopedic implants

Bones Healing, orthopedic implants

Post Insurance Settlement, trying to help family

We had went to Idaho with the sole intent of helping my mother-in-law, get a new job, a better income, and to not have to work so hard.
So we opened up a vaporizer store in Idaho, and we stayed just long enough to see that it wasn’t going to work out.
She has smoked her whole life, and has always wanted to quit.  So we have bought her e-cigs in the past, and encouraged her to quit.
So I thought the perfect way to help on all fronts, is to open up a vaporizer store in Idaho where she lived.
Clovis Star’s retail vape shop in Pocatello

My wife and I got married in Pocatello Idaho, but we had never lived there, because there is a lot of family drama there.
We had actually made a video about staying in Maine forever just a few months before going to Idaho, and we kept our home in Maine when we went to Idaho to help family.


How bad experiences inspire innovation

Conclusion of one chapter beginning of a new

Criminal Charges Pocatello – Ryan Thompson vs. Joe Radeck

Police often lose evidence

Walking away from family

Saying Goodbye to Clovis Star, and Pocatello Idaho

Once Bitten Twice Shy

We had bought this 5 plex as an investment in Pocatello, but as early as September, I had wanted to leave the area, and go back home.
My wife and I formed a pact though, to see the vaporizer store through for my mother in law.   And we did eventually sell the house, but not until after February when we had a falling out with family.   We only bought the 5 plex as an investment to support us while we were starting this vaporizer store, we had never intended on keeping it for long.

Video walk thru 676 west Lewis pocatello

Getting Trolled by my brother-in-law, who has been trolling his family members for decades (provably by public criminal records)

Moving on with life again

Ive Got Family that Ain’t Blood and Blood that Aint Family

I have given it all with my blood, and with my wife’s blood.  But sometimes blood isn’t always family, and family isn’t always blood.  We have a good life as a family.  We enjoy our life, and it seems like we only have marital problems, when family are around.  When we don’t have family in our lives, we have much more substance and blessings in our marriage and in our family.

Father’s day 2015 video;

Family Riches

Family Riches

We have a good life, and a family that I adore.  I don’t need more in life than what I have.  I thank God every day for giving me such blessings.
I wrote this biography (it’s never really “finished) a long time ago, to show “if I can do it, anyone can”.   I still believe that is true.

This Ragged Life Renewed ref;

Family that treat me like an enemy

Family that treat me like an enemy

Matthew 12:46-50
Matthew 10:32-42
Luke 8:21

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