Hacked Private Videos from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the LDS church aka Mormon Leaks

Mormon House Wifes Cooking Meth

There was a release of videos on youtube yesterday October 2nd 2016 with 15 videos from private (unpublished) meetings of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the Mormon / LDS church by a channel titled “Mormon Leaks

Most of these videos address political issues, some of them address financial issues, and a few of them address sexual issues.

I am going to comment on two videos that address political issues, specifically one that addresses the growing popularity of marijuana legalization.

As a teen and young adult, I was arrested for marijuana 3 times on a total of 6 misdemeanor charges for possessing cannabis/marijuana.   I served a total of 8.5 months in jail for these charges of possessing small amounts of marijuana.   These charges have caused me some problems throughout my life, and despite that I still have achieved the things that I had set out to accomplish in life.  It has made international traveling difficult and sometimes impossible.   I know many people like me who have faced a difficult path in life, due to simply possessing this amazing and God-given plant.

The video that I am referring to shows the LDS leadership discussing marijuana, and are skeptical if not convinced that the claim by marijuana legalization proponents that “Marijuana has never been directly responsible for the death of anyone” is false.  They do not offer up any anecdotal or factual information to the contrary, but they laugh and mock this idea as if though it is a false claim.  Shortly after mocking the idea that marijuana is not responsible directly for anyone’s death, they then compare marijuana to methamphetamine “that can be cooked up by housewives on the stove in their kitchens”  Gerrit W. Gong (General Authority since 2010).

Mormon House Wifes Cooking Meth

Mormon House Wife Cooking Meth

This is telling to me, why the state of Utah, AKA “the mecca of Mormonism” has made nearly no progress on this issue.

It is a fact that Utah has some of the highest rates of prescription abuse and death in the country.  But in their common state and local municipalities statistical information they do not list the rates and crisis related issues to prescription medication, and instead list things like “huffing gas” and other legal stimulants, and then of course list the illegal substances such as marijuana.   But to avoid their most critical issues related to drugs, which is prescription drugs, is a tragedy.

Here is the video of the conversation/meeting with the Quorum of the 12 apostles;


In the following video I discuss the problems with Springville Utah, which has THE highest rate of prescription abuse in the nation with the City Administrator Troy Fitzgerald.

#MormonLeaks #MormonMarijuana

Springville Leads the Nation in Prescription Drug Abuse

Here is another video that I particularly took interested in, taking a broader approach to current day politics by the General Authority of the LDS Church.  This video specifically and primarily addresses religious freedom.  I do not have as much disagreement with the following video, I just found it interesting.

Ref;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3dEfvacGiY

This is the channel that has these videos, and it may or may not be taken down soon, so I encourage people to download and save these videos on their own;

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