Deleting posts – respecting my wife

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I don’t delete a lot of things that I post on FB. I have deleted a few things.

When I offend my wife, I remove that sh*t. Some times I think “She’ll probably laugh at this sh*t”. But I think if I didn’t share it with the world, as if though I don’t respect women, I think she would laugh. But when I share it with the world and act like women only serve one purpose, I think it is wrong of me, and I get that Im not 15 years old any more.

She is worth everything to me, I love her more and treasure her more than anyone I have met in this entire world. I love her with passion, and conviction, and she is my only one. She ALWAYS has been. There has never been any others since I met her. She ruined me for other women.

I dated a lot of girls, that I never did get tangled up with. Because I’m picky.
Im wise. Its hard to find a real true match for you. I’m not talking about perfection. I’m just saying, it is REALLY funking hard to find the RIGHT person for you. With all of their pros and cons. And despite how it adds up, it matches with you.

Well if I never type another another thing. I want to have publicly apologized to my wife and daughter for ever posting derogatory memes, or comments.

And I hope that no one ever looks at me and thinks “yup, that’s what a Christian person look like”. Because I would have misled you, if you think I have ever thought for a minute that I am “worthy”, or “deserving”. . I have been blessed by God. I have been strengthened by God. But I am still a fallen person. With emotions, and passions, and stupid thoughts.

I still think Richard Pryor jokes are funkin hilarious. But just because I love his jokes. Im no Richard Pryor. There is a big difference between me telling those jokes, and him telling those jokes RIP.  I cross all kinds of lines. Some times Im just retarded in that way. Like Im a 14 year old boy. But that was not acceptable then either.

I’ve offended a fantastic share of people in this world. So please put that on me, and not of any faith tradition.  If you read Christ’s words, even the cryptic parables, such as in Matthew 10. Then you see the peace in those words. Some people get something divisive or violent out of that. But I think of it differently.

But I do feel my life is better now than who I was 25 years ago as an agnostic person (non-believer)

I was very much a skeptic of religion for most of my life . I tried hard to get God to smite me too, and until he did, I didn’t believe that was such a being. When I was smited in my worst of times, I submitted to a prayer and a focus on him, and I believe I experienced his presence or his peace for a moment of deep despair.  It motivated me to repent and try to live better.  I was about 20 when I started writing a book about living on the streets for almost 3 years, and just focusing on many different religions.
My book/biography had a little to do with the people that I lived with through my travels.  I had lived with a really cool Hindu family for a few years.  I lived with 7th Day Adventists in Spokane, I lived with a Free Methodist kid, or he helped me get on the right direction. His mom was really nice too . They found me a place to stay, and I got to know them well. Nathan Rhodes is his name. Then my grandma Penny Babbitt who mentored me, and loved me while I was at my lowest points. These folks can testify that I was down and out.  At the rock bottom, when I was very young.  Mark Terrill from Cup of Cool Water, was very generous to mentor me in Spokane . Turtle and Bam and the rainbow crew in Santa Cruz too.
Lots of love out there.

But it didn’t start out with so many blessings. I went through hard times to get where I am now.

I still have ghosts that follow me around.

I need to focus on what is actually important to me.  I had planned on rewriting my biography. But you know, the reason why Im not going to re-write it, is because that person it dead to me. I wrote that more as a Eulogy. Since then, I met my wonderful lady, and my life has been incredibly blessed ever since.

I can’t complain about having a better life than I have ever had in my life.  I’ve lost those that I have cared about along the way. Friends that I’ve pissed off. Family that hate me. Life that has been a rocky road.

But I feel blessed, trials have toughened me along the way, but even more importantly it taught me to appreciate my blessings.

I may catch up on my biography at a later time. But Im having too much fun living this life now to go back.  The old, long outdated version is still available  (check the menu at this website)

Much love to everyone.  But mostly to my wife, I am so sorry for not appreciating you more.  You are my everything.  As long as you will have me.

Thank you for my four wonderful children Kimberly Thompson!

Thompson Family Picture 2015

Thompson Family Picture 2015

P.S. Haters be haters, but only love prevails.

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